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Old fashion materials and furniture don't mean they are useless. We redesign it and combined it with our creatives on this apartment.
Mixed marble flooring makes a new contrast when open the door. Beige special paint wall and arch frame light up the area. The hallway used a green rug to decorate the area. make people feel comfortable and elegant. Walnut and Grey marble gave people feel mature and reliable. Those are really fit with Master Bedroom. The guest room uses a black veneer and geometric pattern to make the room clean and simple. Purple is the main color of the Daughter’s bedroom. Marble and stone are other main characters of Mid Century style. Using Different sizes of terrazzo for Guest bathroom. Green Marble is the feature of the Master Bathroom.  In the whole apartment, used famous and traditional furniture will update the taste of the apartment. Like walking into a museum. Everywhere could show mid-century design elements. Let this family enjoying a stylish weekend. 

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